The Chichi floral arrangement


Palm Fiber Mirror Collection

Valentines Day Collection

Actinaria Collection

The Corallia, a handcrafted botanical sculpture

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Valentines Day Collection

Palm Fiber Mirror Collection

Actinaria Collection

Oh, she's FAB!

The perfect gift, she comes fully dried so it looks good from season to season.


in our world

Each sculpture, a modern totem and tribute to the ethereal, is a collaboration with light and gravity, weight and balance.

It is simultaneously the ocean and the rain, giving and expressing life in its own language. 

While some pieces grow vertically and others spread horizontally, they all create marvelous space. Weeping grasses frame contents that would have otherwise gone unseen, and dried botanicals seem to simultaneously bloom outwards. 

The dehydrated, preserved materials are  actively creating, still. 

What appears to be dead is very much alive.

Our materials

Special care is taken in the selection and treatment of our materials.

Every stem of dehydrated flora and preserved botanical carries the ideas of sustainability and responsible sourcing

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